Vision and Mission



        “Thai Car Rental Association is an organization that promotes and develops the car rental industry in Thailand to be competitive in the world market, and upgrade the standard of a reputation of the car rental entrepreneurs to be known as a professional.”



  1. TCRA is the organization to provide information about car rental to the government or public authorities.
  2. TCRA will set a substantial standard of car rental service for the members.
  3. TCRA is the organization to publicize the benefits of car rental, hire-purchase, leasing service, and buying a car with cash. 
  4. TCRA is a mediator to compromise any disputes or an arbitrator between the member and service user to end or settle disputes instead of prosecution with “convenience, honesty, and justice.”
  5. TCRA promotes and rectifies problems in the car rental business in Thailand. 
  6. TCRA will develop car rental entrepreneurs to have virtue, morality, and good governance.  
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