Rights of TCRA Member

  1. The member is eligible to attend the meeting every 3 months (4 times per year). 
  2. The member can express opinions or give advice to TCRA or the committee on any issues under the objectives of TCRA or for the benefit of the car rental business.
  3. The member has the right to use the TCRA’s symbol.
  4. The member has the right to publish the name and service via the TCRA’s media, such as the website of TCRA.
  5. The member has the privilege of a price discount from the member of TCRA.
  6. The member (ordinary member) can see the list of customers, drivers, or partners who has a bad record to prevent fraud or exploitation.
  7. The member (ordinary member) has the right to car replacement from other members at the member's price.
  8. The member (ordinary member) has the right to utilize the central contract of TCRA.

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